Commercial Projects

  • Built in 2013 on a 53,000 sq ft lot, this 3,000 sq ft commercial complex houses an RBC bank branch, a Newlook location and a Proxim pharmacy. It is located in the City of Chambly and situated near Highway 10 and only 15 minutes from the Champlain Bridge.

  • A 9,000 sq ft sanctuary offering all the breathing room you could ever want to move, grow and play in your own ideal space. Cielo is truly a revolutionary concept in fitness studios. Spa-like elegance. Diverse fitness class experiences for all levels. Modern amenities include three spacious studios, luxurious changing rooms, a fitness boutique and a contemporary lounge for members to relax and revitalize before or after a workout.

  • One of Montreal’s top attractions, the Grévin Montréal Museum is located on the fifth floor of the Montréal Eaton Centre on Sainte-Catherine Street—the biggest commercial artery in Canada, with pedestrian traffic of more than 28 million people annually. The Grévin Museum displays over 120 wax figures of personalities who have made their mark on Canadian, Québec, and French history. Carbecco was commissioned for the construction of the facility as well as its individual environments.

  • Vaudreuil, QC

    1.1 million sq ft of residentially zoned land in one of Quebec’s fastest growing regions. Contact Carbecco for details.